Born and raised in the Everest region, mountains have always been part of Arun’s life; he grew up watching trekkers pass by his school and village. Life in Nepal is tough but beautiful and Arun spent his childhood and school life in the village at an altitude of 2500 meters surrounded by nature, trekking and farming. He would walk 4 hours every day to and from school, since that was the closest school to him. Even at that age, he was already a trekker at heart! Arun completed his high school from one of the top schools in Kathmandu, while working part-time as an assistant guide. One of his uncles inspired him to look into trekking as a full-time career given his natural aptitude and love of trekking; eventually, Arun would make the fateful decision to pursue a trekking guide license, while doing his bachelors degree in Civil Engineering.
He finally attained his license and embarked on a professional career as a trekking guide in 2008. While his classmates went on vacation during school breaks, Arun would go trekking to remote parts of Nepal city-dwellers have never been to. Having an education helped him often bridge the gap in language and knowledge with his foreign clients, who were always curious about everything Nepal and loved to share stories from their own travels.
Coming from a small remote village with the ambition of becoming a successful engineer, Arun graduated from university and chose instead to follow his love for trekking and travelling into the tourism industry. The many stories and perspectives from people all around the world has taught him to dream big and not be afraid to forge his own path. He found a job as a trekking guide at a highly rated trekking company in Nepal and began building his skills not only in trekking, but also in social media advertising, content writing for websites and as a tour operator behind the scenes, answering client inquiries and helping to deal with complaints.
Although the work was often challenging, with long hours away from friends and family, it enabled him to finally open Nepalgram Adventures in 2018, ten years after he first attained his trekking license as a teenager.
Arun is interested in traveling (trekking, climbing & tour), sports (football/soccer) and to make friends around the world. He has been to all of the trekking trails of Nepal including Everest as a leader and many places as an explorer. He has climbed Mera peak (6500m) as his highest peak climbing in Nepal. He has been to India, China, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore so far and wants to explore more. Arun speaks fluent English and Hindi, and is trying to learn Chinese.


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