Bal is a local guy from Bhaktapur (a heritage city) who used to be a chef at a restaurant at Bhaktapur Durbar Square before working as a tour guide for Nepalgram. Since that time, Bal has attained his tour guide license and has deep knowledge of not only the rich history of Bhaktapur but also all the other tourist attractions in Nepal.

Working in the restaurant industry for many years, Bal is no stranger to tourists or good customer service. He loves getting out of the city to explore the natural beauty of Nepal, often being nostalgic about the days when Kathmandu used to be a jungle. Despite the transition of his beloved city from trees to concrete buildings, Bal is not sad about urbanization, although some of modernization trends scare him.

Bal is a cheerful man to tour with; his information about the region will make a memorable travel in Nepal. He is a man of good character with cheerful attitude. Do not hesitate to be open with Bal. He loves trekking, riding Motor bikes and traveling. He can speak English, Hindi and Newari fluently.