Solo Trek to Langtang Valley

emily on her solo trek to langtang valley on her way down from kyanjing ri hike, mt Dorje lakpa on the sight
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Solo trek to Langtang valley can be the best choice for first time trekkers in Nepal. Because the modification of trekking itinerary for solo trekkers is overwhelmingly flexible. And also; trekking in private group is unaviodable in solo trekking trip.

The trail is not tricky, so you will not find trek difficult, but still we, Nepalgram team are always prepared for your worst scenario. Thus our expert guides will modify trekking itinerary in a best possible way while considering the beauty in route.

Why solo trek to Langtang Valley?

In this present scenario of COVID, solo trek is obvious options for all kind of trekking in Nepal. As a private trekking trip package; you will be able to witness the best sides of the mountain peace & collect the best insights of the life.

Walking in peace, thinking/talking by yourself, wondering the beauty, soaking in an adventure – all comes in one trip to Langtang valley. 

You will not be alone but you will be alone, how? When you trek solo, that means there will not be any other members in your trekking package, except your guide and porter, as your staff. And these folks/staff knows well to, when to give private time or provide silence surrounding and when to give company. Or else, you can create this environment yourself, as guide & porter are your staff for the solo trek to Langtang valley.

It might sound awkward but the truth is that, solo trek to Langtang valley will give immense pleasure as simple as you are price/princess in the mountain. Yes, it does with hospitality we provide to our clients at our best in Nepalgram.

Dark side of Solo Trek

Trekking expenses for a solo trekker will be little higher as all the things included in the package should be paid by one person.

But despite of being the cost high, you can get the satisfaction you want from your solo Langtang trek. Following the beautiful trail of Langtang in private trip certainly creates lifetime experience and memories.

Pic – View of Mountain in Langtang, Ganja La peak in sight

Langtang trail, from the first day you can catch the eye-appealing views of White Mountain.

You will be walking along the river with the view of greenery, the snow-capped mountain ranges, jungle, the rhododendron forest and the waterfalls.

Everything you indulge, during trek in the trail of Langtang will be in your heart and mind forever. When you reach to the Langtang village, the village will offer you to explore the culture, tradition, food, language and lifestyle of the local community, who are totally influenced with the culture and tradition of Tibetan community.

And the good things!!!

As a solo traveler you will have your own freedom to agitate and receive the welcome by those charming locals.

And reaching to Kyanjin Gompa, you will surely enjoy the closeness to white peaks at the altitude of 3900m. The big buildings of moderately facilitated hotels will offer the panoramic views of various mountains, really close by, from the roof top.

Langtang valley trekking has multiple options as its route variations.

Langtang trek has 2 long circuit trekking trails. Which is why, Langtang valley trekking in Nepal is versatile trekking destination with wide variation in trekking route with respect with your holidays. From glacier trek to fresh water lake trekking and getting very close to the towering mountains will be an experience which can be achieved in pleasant condition. Not even closer to Annapurna base camp trekking (ABC) difficulty. Although, ABC is considered as easy basecamp trekking in Nepal.

Most of this versatile region inside Langtang national park can be experienced to its best in the solo trek of Langtang Valley.

Either you want to spend longer day in kyanjing gompa village and explore the lake or quickly descend to lama hotel to be inside the jungle near by the buzzing river side; both of these ideas are fascinating.

Or you want to walk uphill towards Sherpa village (isolated village) and read your book for a sunny day, infront of the mountains, all these modification in itinerary without adding extra days – are possible in solo trekking schedule to Langtang valley. 

Cost involved in Solo Trek to langtang Valley

  • Langtang National Park Permit (USD 30)
  • TIMS Permit ( USD 10)
  • Guide ( USD 35-45 per day)
  • Porter (USD 30-40 per day)
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Transportation

➡Local Bus

➡Taxi & Car

➡Tourist Bus

➡Private Jeep

NOTE: If you want more details and information of Solo Trek to Langtang Valley, feel free to contact us, we will give our best. NEPALGRAM ADVENTURE, a local trekking agency is your friend in Nepal to make your trek comfortable and successful.

If you are dreaming Langtang valley let’s do it together, out entire team is dedicated for your successful trekking to Langtang valley, 100%.

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Eventually, passion converted to profession and here i am on behalf of Nepalgram - a Trekking agency in Nepal.

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