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Recommended Season for Manaslu Circuit trekking

manaslu seen in the first light

Mt manaslu the 10th highest of the world

Manaslu circuit Trekking can be successfully done during all four seasons but the best time to trek in Manaslu base camp is considered during 2 major seasons. Spring (March, April, May) and Fall (September, October, November), monsoon (June July august).

Weather in Manaslu region is not that different from the Everest and the Annapurna Himalayas of Nepal. Bad weather during the trek is not wished for but, however, sometimes the trip is more exciting and adventurous because of the unexpected weather.

Spring season in NepalLate Feb, March, April, May
Monsoon season in NepalJune, July, Early August
Autumn season in NepalLate August, September, October, Early November
Winter season in NepalLate Nov, December, January, Early Feb
Table for Manaslu trekking seasons – Note – Monsoon season in Nepal is also known as rainy season

The weather quickly changes in the Himalayas and so is in the Manaslu circuit trek. With a cloud circling on top of the towering snow capped mountains – while it’s still sunny gives magical scenery.

Manaslu is a restricted trekking trail of Nepal. To trek inside these restricted trails – trekkers have to have special permit. Special permit is not given to a solo trekker and also you must have to trek with guide, a Nepali guide.

Manaslu trek starts low as 700 meters and go all the way to 5000 meters at Larkey pass thus it has the very wide range of the destination scenery. This makes Manaslu circuit trekking most excited and wonderful adventure trekking in Nepal.

Difficulty of Manaslu circuit trekking varies with season and itinerary. Being a trip of a Moderate to Strenuous level, the Manaslu Circuit Trek requires careful planning before beginning to travel. You can improve your physical fitness by regularly practicing yoga, jogging in the morning, hiking with a light pack every weekend, climbing satires frequently, dancing, and performing cardiac exercises, among other activities. You must be mentally ready. The short Manaslu Circuit Trekking should be finished in 11 days.

Manaslu is a restricted trekking trail in Nepal. To obtain the permit for Manaslu circuit trekking you need to present in Nepal yourself. That is why, you have to have 17 days itinerary for Manaslu circuit trekking.

Why spring is the best season for Manaslu circuit trekking?

Autumn and spring both are regarded as the best season because – in this time temperature is mild, sky is clear. Specially in spring the newly blooming rhododendron and other flowers decorate the trail of Manaslu circuit. The buds with nice smell, romantic environment, chilling air and beautiful scent of nature is overwhelming.

September is the changeover month from a wet monsoon to a steady autumn. The days are with clear sky, and the views are apparent after the rain. The trekking trail starts to dry out in late September. Thus makes both ground & sky clean and clear. At the time of October there is no snow and rain. Thus another greatest time to hike in Manaslu region is October.

From March – as it is the first month of spring – wild flowers and clear sky will be welcoming you. Manaslu will be 2 to 8°C cold in March. Right after the winter – Spring season has good amount of snow on the mountain tops. This is why expedition to the summit is famous in the spring season.

In the spring expedition up Mount Manaslu is common. Thus you will meet many mountaineers in your April trekking to Manaslu. Where as Manaslu circuit trekking in October is interesting with the festival of Dashain or Tihar. These 2 festivals are celebrated all around the country in the month of October or November.

Trekkers near the base camp of Larkey pass @Dharmashala

In November the weather is still quite consistent and warm for the Manaslu Circuit trekking although November is the starting month for Winter season in Nepal. In December, even in the lower parts of Manaslu region average temperature falls below -8 °C.

However the tea house are open in the early winter time, also in December. But in January & February, just a few of tea houses above Samagaun will be operating.

On top of all information about Manaslu region – keep it in mind that tea house in Nepali trekking trails don’t have any internal heating.

     In February: Manaslu is still frozen from the last month of winter. Like the Birendra lake near Samagaun will be frozen during this time of the year.

    Samagaun, Samdo & areas beyond it experience morning and evening low temperature of fewer than -10 °C. Whereas the Larke La high passes might get closed or covered with snow, making trekking extremely difficult.

    The winter snow in the mountains makes the scenery amazing.

    In April: rhododendron flowers look at their greatest beauty in April, this is the popular month for the Manaslu trek. Even the highlands are moderately warmer than autumn as the temperature begins to rise for monsoon season to come ahead.

    In these months, there is low chance of rain. In Samagaun, Samdo, and Bimtang, the daytime high may reach 20°C.

    The greatest time to hike up at  Manaslu is when the temperature reaches 20°C and is warm. And this happens in the spring season trekking to Manaslu.

     June is the start of the monsoon season; it is extremely warm and very less clear. The roads begin to become rough with the rain. Landslide and flooding is common. Nearly 300 mm of rain fall in the Manaslu region in just June.

    You will rarely see the mountains because of the clouds blocking the visibility. However early mornings are window period for the view of the mountains. July is the height of the monsoon season. We only recommend to trek in July if you want to explore the greenery more and mountains scenery less.

    However in the monsoon season – flowers on the trail, green pasture lands, locals working in the field is really appealing. On top of all – no other trekkers gives peace during the trek for wildlife sighting during Manaslu circuit trekking.

    Manaslu circuit trekking in “August”: The monsoon is still present in August. However, it is enjoyable to hike in this month because temperature keeps in the ranges from 18 to 22 °C. It’s a particularly active month for the nature with all of the streams and rivers flowing at maximum capacity and the new flora is continually blooming.

    The Cost of manaslu trekking trip will be depending on which time of year you travel to Nepal. If you hike in Tourist season, the costs will be fairly high, and you’ll have to prepare based on the weather. The Cost of manaslu trekking circuit trip highly depends on how you travel.

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