New Things to see in Kathmandu in my Nepal visit

Some important monuments to see in the perimeter of Kathmandu except the famous spots in Kathmandu city tour:

The huge gold plated Vajra ‘thunderbolt’ set in the east side of the stupa, Buddha statue on the west side of Swayambhu and the Sleeping Buddha, the Dewa Dharma Monastery, noted for a bronze icon of Buddha and traditional Tibetan paintings, the temple dedicated to Harati, the goddess of all children. It is said that she was an ogress before Lord Buddha converted her to be the caretaker of all children.


Asan, conveniently located at the heart of Kathmandu, is more than just a place where locals do their shopping. A few blocks south of Thamel is this maze of little streets with one main street cutting through them all. This is Asan Tole, along which travellers and traders used to cross Kathmandu on the legendary Silk Road. Asan Tole has been Kathmandu’s main marketplace for centuries. The streets here are full of hidden treasures. When there are no motorcycles filling the streets, it’s easy to imagine that it must have looked this way for centuries.

Finding old shrines, entering hidden courtyards or drinking hot tea in a ‘hole in the wall’ tea shop. You can buy scarfs and t-shirts for half what you pay in Thamel, smell unknown spices and admire beautiful brass statues.

Walking along Siddhidas Marg, from Kantipath, you enter the street and it’s easy to get lost among the people and only notice the shops. But you look at the beautiful carved wooden windows with sometimes an old lady peeking through. Little entrances that lead to courtyards and walk inside and the sounds of the main street miraculously disappear, and only a pigeon or meditation bell is to be heard. You might also discover a beautiful old shrine that has been hidden there for centuries, along with some laundry hanging out.

At Asan main square you will find a temple, spice shops and a stone figure of a fish. It marks the spot where a fish fell from the sky, and is related to the legendary founding of the Asan neighbourhood.

Continue your tour of Asan way past the brass kitchenware shops, sari shops, shoe shops and more. Seto Machhendranath Temple, named after a deity that is worshiped by both Hindus and Buddhists. It is believed to have been established around the 10th century.

Around Darbur square there is a lassi shop in town, a small booth that has a big line of people waiting and drinking from paper cups.

Streets of Kathmandu

One of the oldest cities in the world, Kathmandu is a tourism hub of Nepal. The history dates back between 167 BC and 1 AD according to great scholars. Throughout the ancient times, different rulers of different dynasties like Kirat, Licchavi, Malla and Shah have ruled the valley. Patan, Bhaktapur and Kathmandu are the greatest cities of the ancient Kathmandu valley where trade, culture, art and architecture flourished in different phases. Still there are many historical monuments, which represent Nepalese culture as well as the harmony between two great religions Hinduism and Buddhism.

Anyone planning their next trip to Nepal, Kathmandu valley will be an awesome way to get in touch with the unique history of the country that defines, civilization of different eras with the blend of modern touch.


When it comes to shopping, Kathmandu is a great place for buying authentic Nepalese goods. Handicrafts, Thanka Paintings, Fabrics like Pashmina, Cashmere, Wool, Silk and handmade garments are some of most sold items in Nepalese market. Streets of Kathmandu are filled with items that might interest all kinds of tourists. Local spices are very famous amongst food loving people whereas Handicraft, exotic Nepalese weapons, hemp products and traditional musical instruments are famous amongst travelers. Branded goods as well as Nepalese items are sold side by side, so it is quite easy to find the desired goods in different localities of the valley.

Travellers who have been to Nepal describe the culture as a very colorful one. Since the beginning of the civilization, “Religion, Culture and Festivals” have been a part of Nepalese life. Plus ethnic diversity adds a different flavor to the colorful life in the country. With multiple ethnical tribes the level of cultural diversity in the valley caters a great photographic experience for both professional and amateur photographers.

Small shops

The streets of Kathmandu are full of small shops selling everything from food, pottery, clothes and pretty much anything else you’d ever be in need of.

Filling up water at the well (or tap)

Local people filling up buckets of water, children in this part of the world take on a lot more work for the family, which doesn’t do them any harm (as long as they are still going to school).

Animals on the streets of Kathmandu

It’s pretty common to see animals wandering around the streets of Kathmandu – you can see plenty of goats, cows and chickens and dogs on the street.


Walk in Kathmandu and you’ll quickly come across a small shrine or temple, sometimes in what looks like the middle of the road. People usually don’t praying at these temples, but they give the streets an extra layer of character.

Kathmandu is a fascinating city, and while it’s tempting to take cheap taxis and rickshaws everywhere, walking the streets can be an interesting (although sometimes challenging) alternative.


The language of food is universal. And when it comes to Nepalese food, it is the prime highlight of our culture. Types of Nepalese food depends on, which place or city you are in. If you are in Kathmandu, spicy Newari cuisines will awaken your taste bud in a hot and sweet way. The Newari clan who dominate the population of the valley not only celebrate colorful festivals and culture; they also are wonderful cooks and food fanatics who love to cook delicious cuisines and of course share them with everyone around.

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