While you Travel to Nepal, either for trekking, climbing or for tour; you will always have options to extend trip with Nepalgram. Following are some ideas for your Nepal trip extension:


Picture – A local house from Nepalgram Homestay in Chake. This village chake, lies 200 kilometers from Kathamndu in lower Everest region. Chake is the starting point if Numbur cheese circuit trekking.

Homestay in Nepal is one of the best local experiences you can achieve in your visit to Nepal. As a part of your Nepal trip extension with Nepalgram, we offer you homestay prior to your trip location. If you are trekking in Annapurna region, you might love to stay in local houses near Annapurna trekking trail. You are free to choose the place of your best homestay in Nepal, however.

Generally, you need to at least a week to experience the local taste of homestay, wherever. You will stay with a family in the village of Nepal. Most of the village homestay with Nepalgram are in the prime location to have the great view of Mountain, nature and the wildlife. Simile village life and daily activity of generous people in your homestays are overwhelming.

During stay with the family, you will be a paying guest with access to their kitchen. You can go along to their farm and work for them, if you like.

Or if you prefer to stay at your own peace; we can accommodate you in an entire house or apartment for your best homestay experience in Nepal.

Homestay experience in Nepal can be a part of multiday tour or a part of trekking trip to Nepal. This unique experience in Nepal for eco-tourism can be classified as below:

  • Everest region Homestay
  • Annapurna region homestay
  • New destination homestay
  • Homestay with Farming
  • Homestay with office volunteering
  • Visit your guides home

Many of you might be interested in culture of the country you visit. SO as to make this possible we have introduced a different taste of anthropological traveling, in this Nepal trip extension program you will be able to visit the house of your guide. Does not matter if a trekking guide or a tour guide; we will accommodate your visit to their house as a trip extension.

Guide will take you to their home in the city or in the village. Most of the trekking guides will have house in the village and the city tour guide will have traditional house in the city like in Patan, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur or Pokhara. We will ask our guides to take you to their house; so you will be able to know how they live, eat and sleep.

However, this activity will be done in mutual understanding with Nepalgram and our guides.

Condition: From side of our clients, you will have to pre informed about this trip extension.

Adventure Activities for a day out

Nepal is a mountainous country and hills and rivers of Nepal have made lots of activities avail naturally. There is very little artificial holiday activity in Nepal, in comparison to natural activities. Even in the artificial activity sites, nature is superior part of attraction.

With that being said, right after your trekking in Nepal or any tours in Nepal; you can sign up for the following different types of day activity.

  1. Helicopter tours in Nepal
helicopters at Lukla, the gateway to Everest base camp
Picture – Increasing number of helicopter service providers in Nepal has made helicopter day tours possible in afforadable price. maong many, Everest base camp helicopter day tour is most famous.

Helicopters are famous as mountain taxi among Nepalese. And helicopter tours are one of the famous parts of Nepal travels. Most of base camp of Nepal Mountains is being discovered by trekkers till then. But as latest travel products of Nepal trip, we introduce many helicopter tour packages in Nepal

Like in South American tourist spots Nepal has outstanding helicopter tours. By saying helicopter tour in Nepal, it can be a day tour as well as multiday tour. For example Everest basecamp helicopter tour can be equally beautiful to Everest multiday helicopter tour. However the cost of the trip will surely is more in case of multiday helicopter tour.

As a part of your luxury holiday in Nepal or for your special trip to Nepal, helicopter tour can be the best tour while you travel to Nepal. Spend your honeymoon trip to Nepal or visit Nepali mountain base camps for your 90th birthday. Birthday celebration of senior citizen, after many years of retirement will surely ask for an adventure while being in the comfort, this will be possible with helicopter tours in Nepal.

As a business traveler or a busy person in your productive time, helicopter tour will surely give an opportunity to scale the adventure and beauty of Nepal Mountains in a day tour. All of us want to save; sometimes money and other times the TIME. If you after money group joining helicopter tours in Nepal will surely save you far and wide.

Helicopter tour will surely save your time. 12 days of Everest base camp will take people to the base camp of tallest mountain and one day helicopter tour to Everest base camp from Kathmandu will give the similar beauty of EBC. As a traveler you might miss the chance to experience the trekking part but the towering snowcapped mountains, glacier, khumbu icefall, Hillary step, and mighty Mount Everest will be same.

In any of the helicopter tour package, travelers are granted ample of time to get off of the helicopter in different location (basically in those places where helicopter can land in best possible view point of the tour destination). You will have enough time to take picture of yourself or the surrounding. And in most of the helicopter tour you will have time to take breakfast in front of the mountains.

Aerial view of the mountains from helicopter is stunning, indeed.

Following are famous helicopter day tours from Kathmandu or from Pokhara. However, Everest basecamp helicopter tour from Kathmandu is a most famous day tour activity.

  • Everest basecamp helicopter tour from Kathmandu
  • Annapurna base camp helicopter tour
  • Rara lake helicopter tour
  • Gosaikunda helicopter tour
  • Langtang valley (kyajing village) helicopter tour
  • Manaslu helicopter tour
  • Pathibhara helicopter tour
  • Jattapokhari helicopter tour

Apart from above listed one day helicopter tours, Nepalgram can organize your ideal helicopter tour in Nepal; either a day tour or multiday helicopter tour in Nepal.

  1. Mountain flight

Mountain flight means, flying near to the mountain tops by small plane. There are different categories of mountain flights. The level of service and quality of small aero plane with its – turbulence, visibility and speed while flying makes difference in the price of mountain flight in your Nepal trip.

Mountain flights in Nepal is not a new thing, but as a new taste in your mountain flight experience we have small plane with beautiful close ups and a glass of wine for celebration.

Helicopter tour and Mountain flights are not similar, where you will take off of the helicopter and take time for the picture or for breakfast in front of the mountains. Short Mountain flight trip is way cheaper than helicopter tours.

So far Nepalgram has Everest mountain flight; as a bestselling Mountain flight trekking tour extension in Nepal. Most of our trekking clients or multi day overland tour guests, sign up for this Mountain flight.

  1. Bungee as a day activity

Bungee in Nepal might be expensive than in your home country. But the bungee site in Nepal is natural river canyons. Nepali bungee spots, surely, deserves little more cash for the greenery and river flowing beneath.

You can top up for bungee as your Nepal trip extension in your Nepal trip. Either while you are in Kathmandu or in Pokhara, Nepalgram can helps you to schedule a best bungee spot for your trekking or tour extensions program.

In Kathmandu we will take you to a peaceful location for Bungee. Bungee in Kathmandu is a jump off of the local suspension bridge. It is a regular suspension bridge where villagers use on daily basis. Apart from bungee jump we will sure take you around the village.

Regarding Pokhara, there are few choices and the bungee spot we will take you in your Nepal trip will be natural. Bungee in Pokhara will be jump off of the suspension bridge straight over the river canyon. Interestingly this bridge in Pokhara is longer than the Kathmandu bungee spot. And alike to Katmandu bungee, this suspension bridge is also used by local villagers on daily basis.

While you are traveling to Nepal, jump off the natural bridge on the nature. I am sure bungee jump like in Hemja, Pokhara will be cheaper in your own country.

Bungee in Nepal can be a part of multiday tour or a part of trekking trip to Nepal. This adventure experience in Nepal can be classified as below:

  • While at Pokhara
  • While at Kathmandu
  1. Rafting
rafting in Karnali Nepal

Fresh water river rafting in Nepal is a famous adventure sport. White water flowing in the river of Nepali hills is perfect spot for rafting adventure. White water rafting in Nepal will be fun in either of the locations. Just dare it; we will take you in a safe white water rafting adventure.

There is uncountable number of rafting spots in Nepal, but we care your choice, comfort and safety. As a trip extension program or as a part of your holiday in Nepal, Nepalgram can organize rafting in any part of Nepal.

Karnali river rafting is a big adventure whereas rafting near Kathmandu and Pokhara can be a day trip for your rafting adventure. Nepalgram can take you in any of these tour activates. River rafting in Nepal is famous in the autumn.

Like above mentioned Nepal trip extension activates, rafting in Nepal can also be a day tour activity or a multi-day tour program. Feel free to share your time frame and the level of adventure you want to opt for.

It can be a part of your multiday tour or a part of trekking trip to Nepal. This adventure sport in Nepal can be classified as below:

  • At Pokhara – seti river rafting
  • Day tour for rafting from Kathmandu – Tirsuli river rafting or Bhotekoshi river rafting
  • Multiday rafting to Karnali
  1. Day hiking
Nagarjung Hike & Rock climbing
Day Hiking

After you are done with your trekking or tour package, once you get back to the city, day tour can be an option to explore more. As a nature lover, day hike will stretch your body and mind at once.

Day hikes can be a part of your Nepali exploration when you are in Nepal for a business trip or a seminar. Any kind of formal program will excuse you a day to know the city right? Why don’t you go on a guided day hike with our local guide?

While you are in Kathmandu, day hike like Nagarkot Changu Narayan are famous and hiking in Dolesor will be historical exploration whereas, Champadevi day hike will explore the nature, to the far and wild.

After ending trekking our while you are at Pokhara, our local guides can take you in short day hike to Sarangkot or world peace stupa. Dhampus village hike or a day hike to Australian camp can surely add an extra mile in natural exploration of Annapurna mountain range; close & wide.

Day hike can be for nature or history. Our local hiking guide will be your friend or a better source of information as an ambassador of Nepal. Hiking guide are also trekking guides and sometimes out pro mountaineers, that case a different side of human can be your friend and a better source of information, precisely.

Hiking can be a part of your trip to Nepal or a part of trip extensions in your Nepal travels and the trip can be classifies as below:

  • Hike near Kathmandu
  • Day hikes in Pokhara
  • New hiking trail
  • Hike to see mountains
  • Hike to explore local village
  • Jungle hiking

To know where to hike while you are in Pokhara please read this article – 17 places to see in Pokhara.

To know about hiking destination in Nepal, know better with this article – Hiking destinations near Kathmandu.

Day tours

Nepal Day tour

One day tour in Nepal is famous thing to do in Nepal. Saying day tour it can be any kind of historical or botanical exploration trip as a part of your trip to Nepal. Day tour can be a Kathmandu city tour or any evening tours, while you are in Nepal.

Most of our trekking trip and climbing packages comes with day tours in the readymade itinerary, as we might need a government office working day time for permit preparation, after your physical arrival in Nepal, in few cases.

In contrast to rafting day tour and helicopter day tours as stated above, day tour means following kinds of tour in your Nepal travels. Following are few examples of day tours as a part of your Nepal travels.

  • Kathmandu city day tour of UNESCO world heritage sites
  • Pokhara valley day tour
  • Bhaktapur day tour
  • Bungmati village day tour
  • Khokana village day tour
  • Dhulikhel old bazar day tour
  • Botanical garden day tour
  • Buddhist monastery day tour
  • Hindu temple day tour
  • Cremation place day tour

Nepalgram specialize any kind of day tour activates you want to explore from anthropology, culture, tradition, history, archeology or nature. Let us know your interest and we will suggest you a best day tour spot with our tour guide.

Zip line

Zipline in Nepal is not much different from anything you have seen in other part of the world. But Nepali ziplibne spots have following options.

  • some zip lines we take you will be above the green jungle
  • Ziplines above the dense local village]
  • Zipline above the river.


Gliding in Nepal in a pursuit is a bestselling Nepal trip extension. People coming back from APC, EBC or ABC trek in Nepal want to sign up for this paragliding trip as a part of their Nepal trip.

Paragliding in Nepal is surely different from rest of the world, because of the few reasons:

  • Flying with hawk and feeding them
  • Gliding above the capital city of Nepal
  • Bird eyw view of the lake city Pokhara and Phewa lake
  • Paragliding near to the mountains
  • Paragliding above the green jungle or hills and landing by the lake

Mountain biking day out

Nepal trip extension
Biking in Nepal

Nepal is famous as a mountaineering destination. That is why, when it comes to a mind to travel to Nepal either you think of trekking or climbing. But in those mountains and the hills we can do much more than multiday trekking or climbing.

As a cyclist or a nature lover, mountain exploration with your favorite sport might keep your mind with great joy in your Nepal travel.

Mountain biking is a best way to explore near hills of Kathmandu and Pokhara for a day out. But there is lot of multi day mountain biking tours in Nepal. Some of the multi day mountain biking tours in Nepal are near Everest or some are biking over the high passes like Thorong la pass.

But as a Nepal trip extension program, mountain biking trip are suggested for the following reasons:

  • Replace hiking in the route with roads
  • Exploring nearby hills of Kathmandu or Pokhara with your best hobby
  • Exploring the jungles & villages of Nepal with mountain bikes

Sunrise trip

Kathmandu Nagarkot Tour
Nagarkot and kathmandu sightseeing completes a short vacation in Nepal

Sunrise trip in Nepal represents to see the color of mountains during sunrise in Nepal. Sunset is not less stunning to see the color of sun rays over the White Mountains. But during the sunset it is not always crystal clear like during the sunrise. Thus we recommend sunrise trip as a extension trip for tour Nepal travel.

Sunrise trip in Nepal has 2major options to experience the sunrise on top of the white Himalayas of Nepal.

  1. Sunrise trip by road for a tour purpose
  2. Day hiking Sunrise trip
  3. Sunrise trip to see Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu, Ganesh Himalaya range at once
  4. Sarangkot sunrise trip to see Pokhara valley, Phewa lake, Annapurna Himalaya range at once
  5. Sunrise trip Close to the mountains of Nepal either from Pokhara or from Kathmandu

Jungle safari or national Park Tours

jungle safari at chitawan as a Nepal trip extension program
Picture – Jungle safari by Jeep.

Few national parks in Nepal has jungle safari program included inside the national park. They are Chitwan national park, Bardiya national park and Banke national park. There are 12 national parks in Nepal till 2020. And 5 of them can be believed to be less explored national parks in Nepal.

Jangle safari or national park tour in Nepal denotes to walking tours inside the national park area or national park safari. National park safari is both by jeep or using elephant. You also can go for walk with a nature guide.

Elephant safari is disliked by most of the nature lovers and animal activist. But elephant who take you on a tour are treated well, feed well and cared by special force inside the national park. I bet, these elephants that carry you are cared better than mules, donkey and yaks that carry your load while trekking in the Nepal Himalayan trail.

Riding on back of animal is not suffering to them. You need to remember, these elephant belongs to huge mammals and they are capable of carrying tons of load. Carrying human is like a dad or mom carrying their child.

Also you better know that, we have elephant polo, elephant festival and elephant football in Nepal.

There is various national parks tour in Nepal; this includes tour of Everest inside UNESCO world heritage Sagarmatha national park. Like Everest trekking, Langtang trekking is also inside the national park.

Some of the national park tour you can ask us might be:

  1. Famous Chitwan national park tour or Jungle safari
  2. Trending jungle safari and national park tour of Bardia National park
  3. National park tour to watch tiger or one horned rhino
  4. Multi day tour in a single national park
  5. Multi day multi national park tour
  6. Hike inside national park as a nature walk
  7. National park helicopter tour to Rara national park

Food Tours

Half-Day Kirtipur Trip With Traditional Lunch can be a Nepal trip extension for unique taste
Traditional food

Nepal is a small country with huge variation in culture, tradition and religion in ratio to the size of the country. With saying that, Nepal has verities of food and traditional way of eating different food in respective part of the country.

Nepal has a caste system and different caste will have different way of livelihood.

Nepal is a poor country, so the amount of calorie Nepalese people eat might be lower than in the developed countries, but the variation in food and the way to present food are interesting.

Food tours in Nepal can be an interesting part of Nepal travels as an interesting trip extension program. Following are our current food tour program; we are looking forward and discovering more opportunities to make you explore Nepali food from verities of tribe and ethnic groups.

  • Kirtipur tour with traditional lunch
  • Bhaktapur Food tour
  • Cooking classes with Lunch
  • Maghi festival food tour

Shopping tours

Nepal is a cheap travel destination for budget travels. Most of the stuff that you can buy in Nepal is cheaper. As the life standard of Nepali is lower than from developed countries, luxury items will not be cheap in Nepal but things apart from luxury are cheaper in Nepal in whole south East Asia.

Shopping tour in Nepal can be done in the major cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Biratnagar, Birjung and Nepaljung.

Shopping tour in Kathmandu is famous as this is the tourist hub for international travels. Also Kathmandu has shops for antique stuff to modern.

As part of your Nepal trip extension, shopping is a guided tour, where our guide will take you to the shopping malls and help you to show the respective shopping centers or shops.

Shopping tours in Nepal can be a part of multiday tour or a part of trekking trip to Nepal. Shopping tours can be classified as below:

  1. Antique shopping tour
  2. General shopping tour
  3. Local Shopping tour

If you are interested in any of the category for shopping tours in Nepal, contact us for details.

Multi Day tours

Lumbini canbe a part of your Nepal trip as a organised multi day tour or an extension
Picture – Lumbini and statue of Buddha on site

For Trekking and climbing clients, multi day tour will be a good trip extension program. These multi day tours are not different than our tour products.

You can choose tour products in from our menu.

Multi day tours are common products of local travel agents, but we categories multiday tours according to the character:

  • UNESCO world heritage sites multiday tour
  • Historical multiday tour
  • National park multiday tour
  • Anthropology  multiday tour

For more information for respective tour package, reach out to our support for suitable multiday tour package.

Relax Trips

Trip to Nepal is always about adventure. But a relax trip offers different categories of Nepal travel products. If you are in search of peace and stress free time out of your hard time, work or job; these relax trips can be helpful. Take advantage of Nepalgram tailor made relax trips.

Relaxed trip in Nepal will be at least 2 or more days. As per your interest we will tailor made a perfect destination for your favorite time in the favorite site. Relax trip won’t be active.

Relax trips are fully guided and semi guided with following different categories:

  • Nature relax trip
  • Mountain relax trip – Annapurna relax trek
  • Traditional relaxing trips – Chilling Nepal Tour

Wedding tours

wedding tour in nepal can be an interesting trip extension program
Urban Wedding

Wedding is a beautiful part of our life. With wedding tours in Nepal, we want to share beauty of Nepalese beauty and seismicity with world travelers.

In wedding tours in Nepal as an extension of your trekking or climbing package, you will be visiting to wedding spot in the villages of Nepal; cities are open for discussion however. From fancy wedding ceremonies to the simplicity of village life can be seen our wedding tour.

As Nepal has variation in its inhabitants, we can offer different types of wedding in Nepal. Weeding tour in Nepal can be a single day or multiday. Wedding tours in Nepal can be categories as below:

  • Multiday or day tour
  • Village or city wedding
  • Religion based wedding
  • Temple, Monastery or home based wedding tour

If you are interested in any of the wedding tours in Nepal, or looking for wedding arrangements for your marriage in Nepal, contact our support team.

Spiritual tours

meeting saints can be a best part of nepal trip as an extension
Saint at Pashupati Temple, He is knwon as Hanuman Baba. Baba means saint in Nepali.

Nepal is a spiritual land from long ago. The mountains of Nepal are sacred, most of the Himalaya range in Nepal has sacred mountain of their own. Hills and mountains of neap are worshiped and many places are related to God.

God’s stories of Gosaikunda Lake or Jattapokhari are enough to describe Nepal as a spiritual destination.

Spiritual tours in Nepal are related to inner peace and a enlighten state of human mind. Sorrow, pain and excitement will be handled with spirituality.

With above being said, we are not going to take you in any new places. But the way you will approach those places will surely be different. The things you will do in those places will be different. Or the activities you will see in those places will surely be different than usual.

Monasteries for meditation, Himalaya for yoga are some of the few ways of our spiritual tours in Nepal. These are multi day spiritual tours. All of these tours will be tailor made in email corresponds with you. So drop your interest via this form to customize your trip and we will come with a suitable package for you.

Apart from that, there are many day and evening tours, which we will arrange you in a spiritual way. Feel free to contact us for any kind of spiritual tours in your Nepal travel, as a trip extension program or a part of the trip to Nepal.

Following can be some of the categories for spiritual tours in Nepal:

  • Mountain spiritual tip
  • Spiritual evening tours
  • Spiritual adventures

Cremation tours

Cremation tours can also be names as death ritual tours and are exceptional tours and special tours of Nepalgram. To show you the importance of life, love & care shown after death, beauty of death – these cremation tours will intend to give you best insights of love and life.

In the cremation tour as your Nepal Trip Extension you will visit the cremation places, be with the family and share their sad moments together.

You must feel; why the hell do I need to be in the sad moments in my holiday? But we believe; as adventure expedition tours in Himalaya of Nepal, there are many people around the world who want to visit to new places and have really new experience. And this cremation tours will be an adventure.

Cremation tours can be categorized as below:

  • Religion based cremation
  • Location based (city or Village)

Ceremony Tours

Ceremonies like local Jatra and feast are the best trip Extension in Nepal

Multicultural, multi lingual, multi ethnical, multi caste and varied landscape of Nepal has given a lot in a small area of Nepal. So in this small country Nepal, there are verities of festival and ceremonies.

Same ceremonies are celebrated differently. Same rituals have different form of celebration. So these variations will surely attract anyone travelling to Nepal.

Inn ceremony tours in Nepal; you will travel with Nepalgram, spend time with the host family and explore the live ceremony in their culture.

Condition: You must respect their culture and follow our guide instructions, to gain you a respect.

Ceremony tour in Nepal can be a part of multiday tour or a part of trekking trip to Nepal. This experience in Nepal can be classified as below:

  • City or Village
  • Family or community

Yoga & meditation

picture after thukla pass near lobuche village in your Everest Three High Passes Trek 20 Days
At Everest Base Camp

Spiritual land Nepal is dominated with Hindu cultural practice in the hills. Whereas the Himalaya of Nepal is Buddhism dominated, whereas both Hindu and Buddhist have wide practice of meditation and yoga.

Yoga is a part of Hindu religion and fitness practice, these days. And meditation is a Buddhist culture, religion and tradition. Buddhist believes meditation as the best way for finding peace and figure out you, Buddhist call it as enlightened. However, meditation is a crucial part of Hindu wellbeing as well.

Joining our mediation and Yoga tours, you might not enlighten yourself; but surely you will have a great experience in Nepal. While traveling to Nepal, it is better to take a local experience from local experts.

Staying a day or many days inside monasteries for meditation or doing yoga with Dharmagurus will fill you an extra energy from Nepal travels.

We are not trying to make you a shaman or saint through these kinds of tours but off course trying to experience a way of life in yoga or meditation in Nepal.

This experience while in Nepal can be a part of multiday tour or a part of trekking trip to Nepal and can be classified as below:

  • City or Mountain
  • Organized or independent
  • In Nature or inside a house

Wildlife conservation area and hunting reserve tours

7 Days Everest Nepal Luxury Tour
Rhino at Chitwan National park

Wildlife conservation areas in Nepal are conserving many endangered animals, at the same time; one and only hunting reserve of Nepal fulfill the different way of people’s luxury.

As Nepal used to be ruled by King’s and by then King used to go for hunting in different part of Nepal. Even after converting first national park “chitwan national park” into a nature conservation area after many years of hunting perimeter, government of Nepal has assigned one hunting reserve in the country.

In Dhorpathan hunting reserve you can shoot animals and have dinner. However, the natural beauty of haunting reserve is outstanding in itself. Hunting animal in Nepal in this hunting reserve is legal, but you need to pay huge amount for the authority. Please feel free to write us if you need any information for Hunting in Nepal.

Whereas wildlife reserves are protected jungle area, where people walk or drive with life guards, to see wild animals and birds. In the wildlife conservation area, you can stay overnight or stay for many days to see an animal of your interest or take picture of your lovely bird.

There are many national parks and wildlife reserves in Nepal, where people spend days to watch birds or glance at animal.

You must have heard of national park tours and nature walks in Nepal, but with this trip extension program in your Nepal travel; we want you to experience wide in any specific subject. Any question or queries about this experience are welcome to our team. Anything you want to do in Nepal or have an idea in you; write us.

If you have questions or interest with any of the above stated trip extensions, please contact us.