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Our Team

Welcome to Nepal, the land of Everest and the birthplace of Buddha! We are pleased to share the profiles of a few of our guides and porter guides who have been working with us since the beginning of Nepalgram Adventure. All our guides are legally licensed and trained to lead you on trekking tours as per regulations by the Nepalese government. We want our team to be continuously learning, so we have regular boost up camps for guides.

Group of energetic local experts from Nepal has made Nepalgram Adventure proud to stand special among many national and international competitors.

How are we special?

Local trekking guides working for a purely local trekking agency based in Nepal just for Nepal is our pride and Excellency in the service we are delivering.

Small groups of trekkers with high level of care, information and service beyond your trip cost are determined by our local experts, both in tour packages or in the trekking packages of Nepalgram.

For our tour package all around the Nepal, local tour guide or trekking guide with specified knowledge are deployed for the trekking tour activity. As a local company we have English speaking guides but other language speaking guides, can also be deployed in need, indeed.

Trekking leaders or private trekking guides are regularly re-boosted from company and are locals. Our trekking guides share their knowledge and information in the entire Nepalgram family, this keep all our remote guides or famous trekking trail leaders; updated and upfront.

Local guides and porters

If you are trekking to Everest base camp, our guides will be from the same region, lower or higher parts of Everest. Porters will be from the same trekking regions as well. Best guides for trek or updated support team for your climbing excursion are not just your friends, but also your mum during the entire trip.

Local guides make our client safer and informed in detailed. Also our office has less to worry from such team of Nepalgram.

Our guides keep detail information on emergency evacuation, in need. All of the support team are ready for any kind of help in need and keep clients updated, indeed.

Simple but Smart background

Education is what distinguishes our veterans. Some of our guides are from alarmingly different sectors of Engineering, IT, Professors and pro mountaineers. Climbing guides has background of Everest summit experience; not only from Nepalese side, but also from Tibetan sides.

Some of our guides are winner of Tenjing Hillary Marathon and few are rock climbing instructors. Tour guides are from versatile locals to some entrepreneurs.

Because of these smarty people, Nepalgram is overwhelmed with their staffing. When these diversified people share their knowledge in a same forum, we better become smarter.

Over smart ruins our service, which all of us are well – informed. So our smart people use insights of their wisdom for your successful trip to Nepal or safe passage in need.

Selected team for respective region

As we focus our manpower in local participation; most of our guides and porters are from the respective trekking trails. For Everest our guides will be Sherpa, Tamanng, Rai and chhetri from Everest region. Everest region starts from jiri and Shivalaya.

For trekking in Annapurna region, most of our guides and porter are from Pokhara and nearby villages. For Annapurna circuit and Manaslu our trekking team comprise, those from Gorkha and Besisahar area.

Our understanding is that, if we have local manpower those guys are adapted for the respective region. Adaptation is not just about acclimatization but also about how well they are assembled with local people and how much knowledge guide keeps about the respective region.

Guides are our pride. We believe in our local guides, that is why even international groups are safely taken to the summit of many Nepali mountains with 99 percent success rate, with Nepalgram adventure.

We are proud to operate Nepal travel trips from international companies like; Tour Radar & Viator so far, as an expert locally.

Regular boost up training and experience sharing programs

Nepal tourism has its high season and low season. For Nepalgram low season is the best time for boost up camping. We have mass meetings, where we share our experience and teach each other by sharing the wisdom.

Less for fun and more for Knowledge our trekking guides, tour leaders, expedition Sherpa, climbing guide and office staff come together to celebrate the low season. The hard work during the peak season is shared and cared in few days of togetherness, physically.

We have info media like Facebook groups or WhatsApp groups for regular sharing, however.

Picnic, hiking trip, tour, indoor coaching, group discussion are few mode of our regular practice, we impose to sharpen our guides.

Many youth guides and few old guides with enthusiastic mindset

Our tour/trekking guides are from both elder to younger age group. But the guides for climbing are young and energetic, as demanded by challenge of climbing our towering peaks.

As we believe on sharing information to each other – elder guides share experience and thus problem of elders is lesson/solution to younger generation.

Our guides are curious, enthusiastic and always looking forward to learn. They will not only add joy in your celebration, but also keep charm in the trip. Talking more with our guide, asking their personal experience or talking about your travel plans and experience from your trip around the universe is not just time passing but also a way how we work.

Guides learn from one guest and share it with another, this makes a harmonious working environment for guides and they keep higher level of service delivery. And that is how we are distinct.

Our staff helps each other in many ways

Either during interaction program conducted by Nepalgram or their (guides themselves makes plan, sometimes) private plan to explore the new trekking destinations or tour itinerary has certainly helped us to stay close enough.

A friend in need is best indeed. Thus our guide helps their family to family as best friends. From sharing route information to family financial support to each other, has set a milestone of their helpfulness.

There are many conditions where Nepalgram cannot help guides precisely, but our guide’s intimacy overcomes those issues. If any of the guides has financial problem in any emergency, all of us collect money and raise a good amount to donate the needy mate.

Buying lunch for friend or paying school fees of kids, there is no barrier among our guides. In near future, Nepalgram is figuring out a way to sponsor, some of our guide’s children education.

Meet our team

Er. Arun Karki
CEO/Founder/Tour Guide/Trekking Leader

Born and raised in the Everest region, mountains have always been part of Arun’s life; he grew up watching trekkers pass by his school and village. Life in Nepal is tough but beautiful and Arun spent his childhood and school life in the village at an altitude of 2500 meters surrounded by nature, trekking and farming. He would walk 4 hours every day to and from school, since that was the closest school to him. Even at that age, he was already a trekker at heart! Arun completed his high school from one of the top schools in Kathmandu, while working part-time as an assistant guide. One of his uncles inspired him to look into trekking as a full-time career given his natural aptitude and love of trekking; eventually, Arun would make the fateful decision to pursue a trekking guide license, while doing his bachelors degree in Civil Engineering.

He finally attained his license and embarked on a professional career  as a trekking guide in 2008. While his classmates went on vacation during school breaks, Arun would go trekking to remote parts of Nepal city-dwellers have never been to. Having an education helped him often bridge the gap in language and knowledge with his foreign clients, who were always curious about everything Nepal and loved to share stories from their own travels.

Coming from a small remote village with the ambition of becoming a successful engineer, Arun graduated from university and chose instead to follow his love for trekking and travelling into the tourism industry. The many stories and perspectives from people all around the world has taught him to dream big and not be afraid to forge his own path. He found a job as a trekking guide at a highly rated trekking company in Nepal and began building his skills not only in trekking, but also in social media advertising, content writing for websites and as a tour operator behind the scenes, answering client inquiries and helping to deal with complaints.

Although the work was often challenging, with long hours away from friends and family, it enabled him to finally open Nepalgram Adventures in 2018, ten years after he first attained his trekking license as a teenager.

Arun is interested in traveling (trekking, climbing & tour), sports (football/soccer) and to make friends around the world. He has been to all of the trekking trails of Nepal including Everest as a leader and many places as an explorer. He has climbed Mera peak (6500m) as his highest peak climbing in Nepal. He has been to India, China, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore so far and wants to explore more. Arun speaks fluent English and Hindi, and is trying to learn Chinese.

Meet our legends

Phuri Gyalgen Sherpa

Climbing Guide

Phuri has climbed Mount Everest and have been to the summit of many peaks. Interesting thing about Phuri is that; he has taken thousands of climbers to the summit of Mera peak in his 3 year Khare stay. Khare is the last village before climbing Mera peak in Makalu Barun Conservation area. Phuri is a bright person who is always interested in what someone has to say, he loves adventure and does not hesitate in going forward. As a part of the Nepalgram Climbing Guide Team, he is always looking for ways to go the extra mile and will always be at your side!

What does Phuri love doing when he is not working?

Outside of climbing guide, Phuri is a extroverted man. He enjoys watching fantasy movies, meeting with friends, visiting his family, helping relative and solving their problems as well. Another interesting hobby that he has is working in political or social matter of public interest.

What does Phuri say about his experience at Nepalgram?

“When I first started at Nepalgram I was immediately impressed by the fusion of team work and knowledge sharing. The training and refreshment events organized were helpful to make more friends of same interest.”

Dawa Pasang Sherpa

Climbing Guide

Dawa is our pride, who has climbed Mount Everest from Tibet side and many other peaks of Nepal. He is an adventurous person who loves to discover new and interesting things, people and feelings. Dawa is always up to meeting challenges and finding his way out in every situation. His experience in climbing and guiding people in the remote trails of Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, kanchejunga region and many more has made him a strong man of ultimate mankind.

What does Dawa love doing when he is not working?

When he is not working, Dawa loves to travel and take pictures. He loves going to different places, with wildlife, interesting people and beautiful landscapes. Another hobby of Dawa is working on his farm at his village and cooking food for his family. He is a special expedition guide of Nepalgram. Climbing atop of Chulu west, Mount Baruntse, and Mount Putha Hiunchuli are his minor mountaineering.

What does Dawa say about his experience at Nepalgram?

“I love my job and proud to be in this intellectual family of Nepalgram, because from the moment I walked in Nepalgram, entire team has treated me as a family member. Boss care about me as a person and care about my professional growth as a competent leader for Nepalese mountains.”

Phijo Sherpa

Trekking Guide

Since becoming a trekking guide in 2003, he has lead treks extensively throughout Nepal, including the Langtang, Everest, Annapurna, Manaslu, Nar Phu, Upper Mustang, Dhaulagiri, Rara National Park, Humla, Upper Dolpo, and Lower Dolpo Regions.  Interesting thing about Phijno is, In 2012 Phinjo trekked the Great Himalayan Trail across Nepal. He has also led climbs of Island and Mera peaks.  As a trekking guide, Phinjo views his job as being an unofficial ambassador for the people and culture of the Himalayas.  In his free time, Phinjo trains and helps locals of the Himalayan region to become assistant guides and porters.

What does Phijo love doing when he is not working?

He loves making friends and working for charity program. he also likes to go out and socialize in the club, party, open concert and social gatherings. He loves football & volleyball. At the end of his treks Phinjo likes to collect unneeded gear to distribute to the locals.

What does Phinjo say about his experience at Nepalgram?

“I’ve always been interested with the mountains and culture of the country; however, I didn’t have much experience with mountain climbing, which I always loved as a Sherpa Kid. Since I started at Nepalgram, I’ve learned a lot of new things I most likely would never have on my own and I keep learning new things every day!”

Binisha shakya

Tour Guide

Binisha likes socializing herself and learn new things, since her career in tourism. She loves new things, and he loves to travel. That’s why she enjoys listening travel stories. She makes friend more quickly and impress with her kindness.

What does Binisha love doing when he is not working?

In her spare time, Binisha likes to be among the mountains, breathing fresh air and enjoying the views with his closest people. Also, she is a passionate writer. Other things she enjoys are family and friends get-togethers.

What does Binisha say about his experience at Nepalgram?

“When I started working at Nepalgram, I was so excited and afraid at the same time because I didn’t know what to expect. Now, I think Nepalgram is the best place where I could be.”

Binaya Shakya

Tour Guide

As a tour guide, Binaya is always looking forward to show art and architecture of Nepal as an tourism ambassador.  He will always look forward to hear from his clients travel.  As such, working in our team is a great way for him to not only learn new things, but also help others with the knowledge and experience he has acquired.

What does Binaya love doing when he is not working?

In his spare time, Binaya likes to be among the mountains, breathing fresh air and enjoying the views with his closest people. He often hikes and goes in longer trekking. Also, he is a passionate sports man, he follows international football. Other things she enjoys are family and friends get-together. He is an artist to carve beautiful architecture you see during Kathmandu Temple tour with him.

What does Binaya say about his experience at Nepalgram?

“I’ve always been interested in travelling remote part of Nepal. However, I didn’t have much experience with mountain trekking, which I always loved. Since I started at Nepalgram, I’ve got opportunities to take people in city tour and join their trekking trips.”

Bal Mukunda Lohola

Tour Guide

Bal is a local guy from Bhaktapur (a heritage city) who used to be a chef at a restaurant at Bhaktapur Durbar Square before working as a tour guide for Nepalgram. Since that time, Bal has attained his tour guide license and has deep knowledge of not only the rich history of Bhaktapur but also all the other tourist attractions in Nepal.

Working in the restaurant industry for many years, Bal is no stranger to tourists or good customer service. He loves getting out of the city to explore the natural beauty of Nepal, often being nostalgic about the days when Kathmandu used to be a jungle. Despite the transition of his beloved city from trees to concrete buildings, Bal is not sad about urbanization, although some of modernization trends scare him.

Bal is a cheerful man to tour with; his information about the region will make a memorable travel in Nepal. He is a man of good character with cheerful attitude. Do not hesitate to be open with Bal. He loves trekking, riding Motor bikes and traveling. He can speak English, Hindi and Newari fluently.

Sandip Budhathoki

Trekking Guide

Sandip is a trekking guide with a passion for travel and a wide smile on his face. His smiling face and easy-going nature is sure to make any trekking trip a great success. Sandip is a licensed guide and has been to the entire trekking region of Nepal. His favorite trails are in the Annapurna region, as well as the Langtang trail.

He has been working with Nepalgram since the beginning and brings with him 4 years of experience. He will show you the mountains and tell you about the many stories they hold. Sandip loves motorcycling, trekking, travel and making friends. Do not hesitate to ask him more about the mountains. He speaks English and Hindi fluently.

Binod Basnet

Trekking Guide

Binod started his trekking journey as a porter carrying the 15-30kg luggage of clients up the many trails of Nepal. After working as a porter for 2 years, while apprenticing under other tour guides, he received his trekking guide license and started his career as a professional guide. Binod is a regular presence in the most famous trekking regions of Nepal but specializes especially in the Larkey Pass trek of the Manaslu region.

His smiling face and talkative nature is sure to uplift any tired trekker on their journey.

Binod is a highschool graduate and done a bit of travelling to Malaysia and the UAE. He loves to make new friends, talk about anything and everything, and wants to do more travelling in his spare time. Feel free to ask about his family, personal life and his mountaineering experience. He speaks English, Hindi and Arabic.

Narayan Rai

Trekking Guide

Narayan is the eldest trekking guide of the company with more than 20 years of experience in mountaineering and trekking. He can tell you many stories of his fellow guides and porters making their way through the tourism industry to found successful businesses. Narayan’s many years in the mountains has seen stories of success, failure, death and survival. He has a long history of being a trekking guide for some of the most well-known local trekking companies, as well as a few international trekking companies, such as Exodus and Intrepid. We are proud to have someone with his wisdom and knowledge serving our clients.

Narayan has many life stories to share with his clients and loves to talk about his retirement plans, which is sure to be an interesting topic on any trekking trip. He speaks English, Hindi and little bit of Russian. He is also a very well-traveled Nepalese, having been to  Russia, Uruguay, Thailand, Malaysia, India, China and France.


Maniraj Budhathoki
Porter Guide

Mani has worked for Nepalgram since the inception of the company as a porter.Recently, he began working as a porter guide. He has been to most of the trekking trails as a porter and is actively learning more everyday. Mani has completed his high school degree and is currently working towards his trekking guide license.

Mani has prior experience of working for big travel companies in his teenage years but took a long break. He is now back to pursue a full-time trekking career, currently taking boost up class at our office, and will soon undertake his trekking guide training conducted by the Nepal Tourism Board to become a license guide.

He will lead your trek with a cheerful attitude. Speak gently and pronounce slow to communicate with Maniraj, as he is also actively working on his English. He has a good sense of humor and has great knowledge of national parks in Nepal.

Deepak Tamang

Porter Guide

As a porter guide, Deepak is always looking forward to learning English and his senior fellow guides help him. He will always have a book to learn English.  As such, working in our team is a great way for him to not only learn new things, but also help others with the knowledge and experience he has acquired. He loves talking taking pictures.

What does Deepak love doing when he is not working?

Listening music and editing photos are his hobby. Occasionally, he also likes to go out and socialize with other human beings. Deepak follow social media as a crazy man, his profile full of pictures from mountain is impressive.

What does Deepak say about his experience at Nepalgram?

“I am really thankful to Nepalgram for teaching English to this level, to become a porter guide. Porters life was hard and porter guide has make it little easier. With good team support in office and in trekking trails of Nepalgram; I will keep on learning to be a best guide.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]