Mixed geography of Nepal has given this country with verities of destination like huge waterfalls and hot ponds. Natural hot spring is those places where people soak their body and relax for hours. Hot spring of Nepal is located in the major mountains and the discovery is increasing day by day. New trekking or tour destination finds another hot spring in Nepal.
In natural hot spring tour package – you will either trek to certain destination and towards the end you soak your ached body after, multiday treks. Uphill and downhill of trekking has lots of pain body of a trekker, this pain is relieved by hot spring and good talks with trekking fellow in the natural hot spring. For example in Annapurna trekking people trek back to either Tatopani for circuit trek and at Jhinu for basecamp trek – that is where they relax themselves with hot water , a natural hot water by the riverside.
For tour, people travel to hot spring spot by jeep and spend beautiful time for couple of days as tailored. Along with the natural hot spring you can always enjoy the view of the mountains alongside. These natural hot springs are mean to cure your skin disease, as proven by Ayurveda medication.
Hot springs are natural outlets of hot water from the bed of the mother earth. These hot springs are situated below 2000 meters altitude. Apart from publicly opened hot springs there are few natural hot springs where people regard hot ponds as god or emblem of god or goddess. For example at Muktinath there is flame inside the natural hot spring and this pond is not accessible to soak your body. Muktinath is pilgrimage site for both Hindu as well as Buddhist.
Famous hot spring spots of Nepal are Jhinu hot spring at Annapurna base camp trekking trail, Tatopani at Annapurna circuit trekking trail, Pahiro hot spring at Langtang valley trail, Tatopani at Manaslu circuit trekking trail. Apart from these famous spots there are other places where you can experience natural hot water.


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